Yeosu City Guide – Killer Cafes

We have been asked countless times about our little coastal city of Yeosu. Many people want to visit this beautiful city, but there simply isn’t enough information in English online. Over the next few weeks, we will talk about our favorite things to do and places to go.

Korea has a love for cafes that goes beyond just the standard cup of coffee. Of course there are countless chains that can be found in any city, but finding more intimate cafes is never difficult either when Korea has so many. Some of our favorite times spent in the city include relaxing in the hot afternoons inside with a cup of coffee. Here are our favorite cafes that Yeosu has to offer!

1. Wind on the Hill Café


This café is a bit of a journey down Dolsan. Of course, you can take a bus or taxi to this quaint little spot, but the easiest way to get here is to drive yourself. Perfectly placed on a hill overlooking the bay, the café certainly lives up to its name. Their specialty is in teas but they also have coffee and pastries. If you are looking for a quiet place to stay on Dolsan, the café is also a pension! Dolsan Island is a great weekend getaway where you can relax and enjoy the gorgeous sea views, check out the famous Hyangiram temple, chill on secluded Bangjukpo Beach, or do one of the many coastal treks!


2. Hemingway Café


Located right next to the iconic Dolsan Bridge, the Hemingway Café has one of the best views of Gamak Bay we’ve seen. While the interior of the café itself is a little dated, the large floor to ceiling windows and the comfortable couches will have you camped out all afternoon. They have a small food menu, coffee drinks, and a bit of alcohol. A bit of advice- stick to the soju and beer and stay away from the cocktails unless you enjoy drinking straight vodka (I’m looking at you “Bloody Mary”). The Hemingway also is a pension! Large and modern rooms all with amazing bay views!


3. Ojakgyo Tea House and Pension


If you want to visit Dolsan, but don’t want the long drive down the length of the island, check out Ojakgyo Tea House nearby the Cheongsol Apartments! They are famous for their teas, but they also serve coffee drinks and have a small food menu. Don’t forget to try their bingsu in the summertime and sit out on the balcony that overlooks the bay. The tea house also doubles as a pension and has a few large rooms available for rent. It is located near the Dolsan Park which is especially lovely at night where you can see the Dolsan Bridge change colors with its many LED lights.


4. Ponyo Latte Cat Café


Korea loves its cafés especially if they are cute and kitschy. Animal cafés are very popular these days and many larger cities will have some form of cat or dog café. While the dog cafés can be loud and a bit dirty (think doggy pee puddles), the cat cafés are cleaner and usually a bit more low key. Go grab a coffee drink and maybe purchase some kitty snacks and have an afternoon filled with adorableness. The Yeosu cat café is located in the Jinnamgwan Shopping District so there is a lot of food, shopping, and other attractions nearby. Our one suggestion would be to visit this café midday during the week for a quieter experience alone with the kitties. Many Korean children are not accustomed to pets and when they are around animals they sometimes get a bit fussy.


5. Expo Sky Café


We recently discovered this awesome café right in the middle of the famous Yeosu Expo site! An old grain silo was converted into an informative center about the Yeosu bay on the first two floors and if you buy a ticket (2,000 won), you can ride the elevator all the way to the top to the Expo Sky Café. The café itself is pretty simple serving coffee, pastries, and ice cream, but the view is what you come for! You can see the entire Expo site from the café and floor to ceiling windows surround the entire space. There are also two balconies if you need to get outside for some fresh air and a better view and an area inside with a glass floor for those comfortable with heights!




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