In Focus: Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Bali is a world renown destination for its lush greenery, jungle, culture, and beautiful beaches. On our recent trip to Bali, Indonesia, we were blown away by the beauty and atmosphere that surrounded us and we immediately know why this island paradise had become so popular even before Elizabeth Gilbert caused its popularity to surge with her book “Eat, Pray, Love.” While certainly being a perfect location for Julia Roberts to rediscover her ability to love, Ubud, Bali is much more than a tourist destination, or a lovesick Mecca for middle aged women living out their own bildungsroman. Continue reading


Bali Sneak Peek!

Bali is a paradise that has more than lived up to our expectations. While we often worry that a place is overhyped or a tourist trap once it becomes internationally known as a top destination, we’ve found ourselves surprised and pleased with the atmosphere and location. We just left Ubud for Kuta before we go to a more secluded island for a few days, but we wanted to share some  highlights of Bali in the meantime. Enjoy some photos and stay tuned for more descriptive posts with more pictures later on! Continue reading