Yeosu City Guide – Killer Cafes

We have been asked countless times about our little coastal city of Yeosu. Many people want to visit this beautiful city, but there simply isn’t enough information in English online. Over the next few weeks, we will talk about our favorite things to do and places to go. Continue reading


Byeonsanbando National Park – Day 1

At the western limit of Byeonsanbando National Park stretches a beach called Gosapo. We have visited quite a few beaches this summer, and maybe one or two is more beautiful; but Gosapo provided the best beach experience we have had thus far. Maybe it was the company – Tom and Elicia from Yeosu, or Kürt and Marené from Gurye, or the weather; sunny with a light breeze, but everything went perfectly and we had an absolutely incredible time in the sun. Continue reading