Korean Noms – Bingsu

Every year, Korean temperatures steadily rise during the summer months. This rise in mercury coincides with the rise of a popular icy dessert that Koreans use to battle the summer heat: Bingsu. All across the Korean peninsula cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants start putting out advertisements for this popular dish on storefronts, sidewalks, billboards, and even music videos. Continue reading


Korean Noms – Andong Jjimdak (안동찜닭)

Food is a necessity, good food is a luxury, and jjimdak is an addiction. If you’re really in need of some jjimdak, then the South Korean city of Andong is where you want to be. Each year, Hedgers from all over Korea make a pilgrimage to this historical city for their ritualistic gorging on brazed chicken, noodles, and the sinful brown broth. Continue reading

Korean Noms – McDelivery

Food and service delivery is a big deal in many Asian countries, but it is hugely popular in Korea. You can have virtually anything delivered in this country, from Starbucks to your weekly groceries. We, however, have never really utilized the delivery options, instead relying upon home cooking and restaurant dining when we needed sustenance. There is also the small consideration of our terror when attempting to speak Korean over the phone. Continue reading

Korean Noms- Samgyeopsal

A while back we made a video of some of the delicious fish noms we had while in Busan. We have often been asked what the food is like here in Korea, so we have decided it was time to start making some more food videos. We will be doing these posts a couple of times a month. We are excited to share even more of Korean culture with you as well as some of our favorite things to eat in Korea! We hope you all enjoy newest section of our blog, Korean Noms! Continue reading