A Day in the Life – Winter Camp Music Videos

Every year we are give ample vacation days but they come with one caveat: plan for and host a camp after school has let out. Typically our most enthusiastic students tend to be the ones that sign up for camp but they never really know what they are in for until we get underway. Continue reading


Happy Halloween from Korea!

As you know, this past week was Halloween! This is technically not a celebrated holiday in Korea. In the states, as kids, we would dress up and go door-to-door trick or treating throughout our neighborhood. However, in Korea, your neighborhood is probably a huge apartment complex and going door-to-door in a high rise, is just not the same. Continue reading

A Day in the Life – TV Show Project

It has been a crazy week for us here in Korea. Our school, where we’ve been working for 8 months, decided that all the teachers would go through yet another round of training… for 3 weeks! Three times every week, we’ve had to wake up at 8 am, catch an hour + long subway ride during rush hour into Seoul, sit through two hours of training straight through lunch, and then get back to our city as fast as we can so we can get to class on time and teach until seven or ten pm, depending on the day. Continue reading

A Day in the Life – Creative Thinking Projects

Hey guys! Sorry about the late post, but we are actually starting the new fall semester and have been super busy with prepping for our new schedules and classes. We normally post A Day in the Life on Mondays, however we are going to have to push these back a day or so because Mondays are now our longest day of the week. Continue reading

A Day in the Life – In the Halls

Last week we read to you some of the awesome writing assignments that our students submitted. If you haven’t seen the video yet, go check it out here. We have recently started vlogging on youtube and now have our very own channel! It is still in the workings, but we hope that you all like it. Let us know what you think and subscribe for more. Continue reading

A Day in the Life – Writing Notebooks

So far we have shown you a bit of each of our youngest classes. However, we also both teach older classes as well. In fact, we teach ages 6 to 15. Each of the older level classes have a weekly writing notebook assignment. Sometimes there is a specific writing topic and other times we create our own topics. We grade each of them on structure, substance, and grammar. Continue reading

A Day in the Life – “Teacher, I love you!”

Teaching ESL abroad can have it’s ups and downs. Some classes are great, while others are a real struggle to get the students to focus and listen. Every now and then it will get frustrating and it’s hard to stay positive. However, sometimes you have kids who, no matter what, can put a smile on your face and remind you why you love teaching ESL. Continue reading