Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

This week’s photo challenge by the Daily Post is “Treasure.” We were excited for this challenge as it is a chance to show off some of Korea’s own treasures. Korea has over 300 National Treasures and UNESCO has also designated many of Korea’s Treasures as World Heritage Sites. We have had the opportunity to visit a few of them and can see why they are so special.

Geunjeongjeon Hall

Gyeongbokgung Palace is National Treasure #223. Right in the heart of Seoul, this palace is simply stunning. Last year, we happened to visit during the performance of the King’s Banquet. Complete with traditional dance and music, it was a site to see.


Hahoe Village is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is treasured by Koreans for its adherence to traditional architecture. The past comes alive in this still-functioning village. If you are wanting to see more of our pictures, check out our Andong Hahoe Village post! We also made a video our our time spent in the area.


The dolems on Ganghwa-do are another UNESCO-listed location. This island’s importance in Korean history, including the creation of the country itself, cannot be overstated. The island holds many treasures including fortresses, temples, and ancient burial sites. For more pictures and information about this island at the mouth of the Han, check out our posts here!


Suwon Hwaseong, a UNESCO World Heritage site and subject of a recent blog post where we explored this incredible walled-in city. Click HERE to see more. Absolutely incredible.


While we have visited many historical treasures and have many things that we treasure ourselves, the picture above shows our greatest treasures. Although we do not nearly have enough stamps to brag and boast, our passports are our ticket to exploring and seeing the corners of the world. Once they are in our hands we can’t help but wonder, “where to?” Our travels and life experiences are treasures that we will hold onto forever.


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