How To Get Out And Explore Rural Korea

For the majority of people visiting or traveling through South Korea, Seoul (or maybe Busan) is the extent of their experience. These ultra-modern cities offer a great deal to a person wanting to experience today’s Korea, but offers very little if you are wanting to experience something more authentic. Don’t get me wrong, Seoul and Busan are fantastic cities. They provide endless entertainment and a wide variety of cultural elements all rolled into one. Cultures cross pollinate and blend in major cities and this happens in Korea in a really interesting way. For this reason we recommend exiting these major cities Continue reading


Seoul Weekend Getaways

Last year while living in Seoul, we were constantly searching for things to do just to get out of town. Seoul has a lot to offer, but it is still good to leave the big city every once in a while and explore the rest of the country. Though we are no longer living in Seoul, we thought we’d share some ideas for weekend getaways for people feeling the need to escape the city. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

This week’s photo challenge by the Daily Post is “Treasure.” We were excited for this challenge as it is a chance to show off some of Korea’s own treasures. Korea has over 300 National Treasures and UNESCO has also designated many of Korea’s Treasures as World Heritage Sites. We have had the opportunity to visit a few of them and can see why they are so special. Continue reading

Andong Weekend Trip {Day 2}

After a great experience staying at a traditional homestay, our hostess called a taxi for us and we said our goodbyes. The countryside was heavily laden with fog, so our ride to the Hahoe Village was quite dramatic. With limited visibility, the mystique of what was beyond our range of perception created a real anticipation for what was to come. Continue reading

Traditional Homestay

Last weekend we went to Andong (which you may have already known from our previous post about it here). Andong is well known for it’s culture and tradition. It is widely regarded to be the most “Korean” place in Korea. Since we were staying overnight, we decided, what better way to truly experience such a historic place, than to do a traditional homestay! Continue reading