Weekly Photo Challenge… Inside

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is “Inside.” While we thought this to be slightly ambiguous, we selected a few photos that we thought were fitting. All of these photos play with the idea of things being contained within something else, as we deliberately wanted to avoid submissions from the indoors. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned

This week’s photo challenge from the WordPress Daily Post is “Abandoned.” Since we have already posted images from the neighborhood of Anyang, where they evicted home owners in order to build new high rise apartments, we decided to knock a visit to an abandoned amusement park off of our bucket list in honor of this week’s challenge. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

This week’s photo challenge by the Daily Post is “Treasure.” We were excited for this challenge as it is a chance to show off some of Korea’s own treasures. Korea has over 300 National Treasures and UNESCO has also designated many of Korea’s Treasures as World Heritage Sites. We have had the opportunity to visit a few of them and can see why they are so special. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge… Family

This weekly photo challenge was so much fun for us. We are lucky enough to have an incredible family on both sides of our marriage and we feel like these pictures truly embody our relationships with these terrific individuals. We hope that you enjoy some of the more epic photos of our family dynamic and hope that it conveys some of the crazy bliss that family impresses upon us. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge… Window

This week’s weekly photo challenge is “Window.” We really love going through our external hard drive every week searching for our favorite photos. It is usually too difficult to choose just one photo, so we narrow it down as best we can. Ryan loves photography and is always taking pictures. Our hard drive is overflowing with pictures, and we love the opportunity to share some of them with you in each weekly challenge. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge… Beginnings

We thought about this photo challenge for a while and debated how we wanted to approach it since we didn’t want to seem too cliche or obvious. Instead we got a bit self-centered. Whatever. We wanted to share with you some of our beginnings as a couple; the beginnings that brought us to where we are now in our lives, living abroad in Asia. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Joy

This week’s photo challenge is to capture one of life’s most important emotions: JOY. Throughout our lives, the joyous moments will be the ones that we remember the most. We immediately knew which photos we would chose to share, as they were so unforgettable. As we were sorting through these, we realized that our family spends most of their time with their mouths agape. While it is funny to see, it also testifies to their happiness. Continue reading