A Day in the Life – In the Halls

Last week we read to you some of the awesome writing assignments that our students submitted. If you haven’t seen the video yet, go check it out here. We have recently started vlogging on youtube and now have our very own channel! It is still in the workings, but we hope that you all like it. Let us know what you think and subscribe for more.

So this week on A Day in the Life we have compiled some video clips of our students in between classes. We put together some of our favorite moments that we’ve captured to show you how fun we have working with these kids. There is never a dull moment while teaching abroad and our students can always manage to brighten our day.

If you want to see our other videos from A Day in the Life, you can follow the links on our youtube channel or click here to see them on our blog. Be sure to stay tuned for more glimpses into the every day life of an ESL teacher in South Korea!


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – In the Halls

    • Hedger says:

      They learn that skill at an early age in order to ensure survival in South Korea’s public transportation system… buses, trains, even the lines at E-Mart.

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