Saying Goodbye

We typically share our travels and experiences here with you, but I figured I would break the norm and share a little of our day to day lives with you guys! Maybe it’s all the rain we’ve been having for the last two weeks but I’ve been reflecting and getting a tad bit sentimental. Continue reading

Happy Halloween from Korea!

As you know, this past week was Halloween! This is technically not a celebrated holiday in Korea. In the states, as kids, we would dress up and go door-to-door trick or treating throughout our neighborhood. However, in Korea, your neighborhood is probably a huge apartment complex and going door-to-door in a high rise, is just not the same. Continue reading

A Day in the Life – TV Show Project

It has been a crazy week for us here in Korea. Our school, where we’ve been working for 8 months, decided that all the teachers would go through yet another round of training… for 3 weeks! Three times every week, we’ve had to wake up at 8 am, catch an hour + long subway ride during rush hour into Seoul, sit through two hours of training straight through lunch, and then get back to our city as fast as we can so we can get to class on time and teach until seven or ten pm, depending on the day. Continue reading

Free ESL Games and Books!

Hey guys! With the start of our new fall semester, we have been on the look out for more ESL websites that could help us out with our new lessons. Even though we work at a hagwon that is owned by a major corporation with strict guide lines for us to follow with complete lesson plans, there are still times that we find the lessons to be a little sparse so we are always needing more fillers. Continue reading

A Day in the Life – In the Halls

Last week we read to you some of the awesome writing assignments that our students submitted. If you haven’t seen the video yet, go check it out here. We have recently started vlogging on youtube and now have our very own channel! It is still in the workings, but we hope that you all like it. Let us know what you think and subscribe for more. Continue reading