Let’s Go To…Oklahoma!

Just in time for Ryan’s Birthday, we were able to take a two week vacation to our home state of Oklahoma. During our visit we were able to spend time with the majority of our large families and participate in some of our favorite activities. We went hiking, shot guns, caught fish, drove red dirt roads, ate massive amounts of food, and laughed endlessly with loved ones. It was hard to leave after such an incredible trip home, but we are now back in Korea with fond memories of the people and the place that we call home. We hope you enjoy our video and see why Oklahoma is such a special place to us.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Go To…Oklahoma!

  1. Dad (Van) says:

    This was great of you to share this on your blog. It will give us something to remeber the fun we had with your visit here.
    Love you both and miss you so much

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