It’s that time of year…

That special time of year has finally arrived when you dig out your plastic tree and start trying to get everything ready for Christmas. We have been doing our best to get into the holiday spirit while in Korea by decorating our apartment and keeping festive music and movies playing on the laptop. With our tablet streaming a video of a crackling fireplace, we spent the weekend cutting paper into snow flakes and erecting our 2 ft. tree (including the base) and lights in our window. We watched movies and drank hot chocolate for hours. After sweeping up the paper massacre from our snowflakes we put up a string to suspend the paper across the window. Art.

Apart from the minimalist scale of the new decorations,we are happy with a touch of seasonal warmth in our Korean home. We often feel detached from our own families and traditions, so little things like cutting out snow flakes for the first time in ages with a digital fire in the window can do wonders for Christmas spirit.

Now, with everything set up and looking jolly, we are much more excited for the holidays. Some family members already have packages in the mail and we are excited to share in this Christmas season with family from far away using Skype and much needed contact with family and friends.


5 thoughts on “It’s that time of year…

    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      We have never visited a tree farm in the states before, but that was mainly because we had to have a fake tree lest our cats start eating, climbing, or tearing a real one apart! When we saw the size of our tree, we were a little skeptical about how Christmasy it was going to feel, but it all worked out in the end haha

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