Korean Noms – McDelivery

Food and service delivery is a big deal in many Asian countries, but it is hugely popular in Korea. You can have virtually anything delivered in this country, from Starbucks to your weekly groceries. We, however, have never really utilized the delivery options, instead relying upon home cooking and restaurant dining when we needed sustenance. There is also the small consideration of our terror when attempting to speak Korean over the phone. The “what if they ask…” questions can easily psyche you out when “…” includes all of the things you still haven’t learned in a foreign language. If the person on the other end of the line says anything besides the names of foods I know, then I will be guessing at their meaning. Not to mention giving an address…

Anyways, apprehensions aside, we decided that today was our day to break our delivery fast. Since this last week was Thanksgiving in the States, we were feeling a bit nostalgic for American food. Skyping with family brought great joy and immeasurable longing for the traditional fares of our homeland. We worked Thursday and Friday, so this weekend, we decided, was going to be dedicated to new experiences and at least one American meal. Enter McDonald’s delivery.

I can hear you now saying, “But Hedgers Abroad, you don’t feel confident ordering.” Correct! You have just entered into a world filled with MCDONALD’S INTERNET ORDERING VIA ENGLISH WEBSITE! That’s right, we now have an account on mcdonalds.com where we can order healthy meal options right from our couch. Too lazy to put on pants? Summon the McDonald’s Delivery Rider! Perfect.

This experience was born out of a deep need for American food at all (arterial) cost. There was some mix up with our address with the website, but calling customer service seemed to fix the problem. We had to wait about an hour for our greasy goodness, but it was worth it in the end.


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