Korean Noms – Chinatown

Recently, we had another Instagram Challenge featuring Chinatown in Incheon. The challenge this week was so close that we gave it a couple of days in order to announce a winner. Well, for the first time, we have a tie! Both photos had the exact same number of votes, so for this week, I guess we are both winners. Click here to see both photos.

Chinatown in an interesting area, covered with parks and historical markers to commemorate a broad spectrum of events, but we were there for the food. We wanted jjajangmyeon from its source, not from a delivery man on a scooter. We wandered the area and had no difficulty locating restaurants. They are literally everywhere in Chinatown. If you look in any direction on the main street there are probably 3-8 restaurants proudly serving Chinese food to tourists. The most popular dish to be found here is Jjajangmyeon.

Jjajangmyeon is a noodle dish with a black sauce with meat and vegetables. It has a smoky flavor and is surprisingly sticky. We’ve come to really enjoy it, especially with some red pepper on top for a little more spice. This dish is so popular that there is even a day dedicated to it for lonely men and women without significant others. Since we wanted to show off Korean-Chinese food, we thought that there was no better place to visit than Chinatown in Incheon.

Apart from the restaurants there are a few street vendors peddling their own unique street food that isn’t common outside of this area. Since this is a relatively small area, we weren’t blown away by the number of street food options. During weekends there are probably more stalls, but we went during the day on a Thursday.

Overall we had a terrific time in this area. Incheon’s Chinatown is small but the food is quite good. To reach this neighborhood, take the subway, Line 1, to the last stop in Incheon. Exit the station and walk across the street to the giant gate. It’s really that simple.


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