InterNations – We’ve been featured!

So a couple of weeks ago, we were contacted by InterNations, a website for expatriates across the globe, who wanted to feature us on their website. If you follow us on our Facebook, then I am sure you have already seen our post about being featured. However, as a gesture of appreciation, we decided to do a quick write up promoting InterNations ourselves.


InterNations features many blogs by expats like us in hundreds of cities worldwide. You can browse by city or country and find helpful information about living, working, and surviving in foreign lands. Signing up to become a member of their website enables you to discover other expatriates, receive advice and tips, and share your own thoughts about life in another country. However, InterNations also has a blog for nonmembers to follow with great information for your adventure abroad.


We were pretty excited to be selected to write about our lives living in Seoul. We filled out a Q & A discussing why we decided to move, difficulties we encountered, and advice for future expats looking to move to Korea. Because of the membership requirement, when you first click on the link, a box will pop up saying you need to be a member to view the page, but if you simply click the close button, it should let you read it without any problems. Please let us know if you experience difficulties reading it, and we will copy the interview into this post.

Our Q & A on InterNations


2 thoughts on “InterNations – We’ve been featured!

  1. Dad (Jeff) says:

    Congrats! You were always stars in my book, but now your fame is worldwide! We’re very proud of you two….and love you immensely

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