Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan

This past weekend we took a belated two year anniversary trip to Busan. We had three days off from school so we decided to hop on the KTX train from Seoul to Busan! The train only takes two and a half hours and can travel up to 300km/hr. Neither of us have been on a bullet train before, so we made sure to take a couple of pictures to commemorate the moment.



One of the most famous places to see while in Busan is the Jagalchi Fish Market. While Busan has many beautiful beaches, we feel like the fish market is definitely one of the most interesting place to visit. It is a bit strange to walk among the “Jagalchi Ajummas” (ajumma meaning middle aged woman) who are casually beheading, gutting, and slicing apart fish. It is a bit horrific, but you can’t look away.

IMG_3666 copy

IMG_3622 copy

The indoor market is filled with vendors who will try every trick in the book to get you to purchase one of their fish. One man sang to me “You are so Beautiful” and we were buttered up additionally when they would start crying, “AMERICA! BEST COUNTRY!”

IMG_3651 copy

IMG_3652 copy

We were finally coaxed into a meal of flat fish and clams. You have a choice of barbeque or sashimi, which is chopped raw fish. We decided on dining on the former and watched as the Jagalchi Ajummas went to work preparing our dinner. Because they serve the fish whole without all that unnecessary deboning, gutting, or beheading, it didn’t take very long before our food was ready.

IMG_3658 copy

IMG_3661 copy

It was really good and you can’t get fresher fish than from the tank to your plate in less than ten minutes. Afterwards, we headed to the docks behind the market. Here you can enjoy some great views of the port and the surrounding hillside neighborhoods.

20130727_165530 copy

20130727_165646 copy

IMG_3670 copy

IMG_3645 copy


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