Explore More – Bangkok Waterways Video

Bangkok’s canal network is an oft-overlooked part of the city. With unique perspectives on Thailand’s capitol city and what it used to look like, Bangkok comes alive in the vast network of waterways. For a few hours a canal tour of Bangkok will surely satisfy anyone willing to put their apprehensions of safety and certified boat operators aside. Continue reading

Let’s Go To… High 1 Ski Resort!

Snow skiing has been a passion of mine since I still had the nickname “Lil’ Britches” and wore all of my brother’s hand-me-down winter clothes. At four years old (I turned five on the 2nd or 3rd day of skiing, but it still counts) I first hit the slopes in Colorado’s Winter Park Ski Resort. Continue reading

Let’s go to… Yongpyong Ski Resort!

Right before Christmas, we got our first actual snow! At the last minute, some of our friends decided we should all go on a road trip three hours outside of Seoul to Yongpyong Ski Resort. Everyone in the group had been skiing or snowboarding for quite some time, except Stephanie. This would be her first time, but after promising to teach her, she agreed to the impromptu trip. Continue reading