The Hardest Part of Living Abroad, or “My Stupid Brother Decided to Get Married While I’m Living Overseas”

We wouldn’t be in Korea if the negative aspects of life abroad outweighed the benefits. That being said, though, there are definite struggles and disadvantages inherent in a drastic move or lifestyle change. Generally, we strive to focus on positive things in life and fully appreciate the life that we have, but there are some things that are far too painful to gloss over. Continue reading

Our Korean Wedding

During a week of training in Gwangju, we were lucky enough to be shown a display of the traditional clothes of Korea: hanbok. These colorful garments are used for everyday wear as well as celebratory events such as weddings. Many of the people in our training group were dressed in the more casual hanbok and but some wore the garb of the scholars and noblemen. Continue reading