Ubud Busy Markets

Markets are often the heartbeat of a country.  The lively streets of Karna Street in Ubud and the traditional market nearby were both excellent representations of Bali in their energy and vibrant colors. Though heavily trafficked by tourists and motorbikes alike, Ubud’s markets had tight enough quarters to feel somehow intimate and welcoming. Continue reading


Explore More: Khaosan Road Video

If there’s one lasting lesson that I have learned in my limited travels, it’s that the places most famous are often the ones least relaxing to spend time in. When a city, beach, resort, or even a road has been made legendary by history’s great travelers, it’s fairly safe to assume that it is now overrun by people attempting to recreate the stories which spurred their dreams of exotic adventure. Continue reading

Only in Korea – French Fry Covered Corn Dog!

Oh how we love Korean street food. We try our hardest not to be tempted to eat it everyday because it is so unhealthy. However, when we stumbled upon this food vendor while in Dongdaemun last weekend we couldn’t help but stop. In one instant, all of our childhood dreams came true when we saw the magic that is the french fry covered corn dog! Continue reading