A Day in the Life – Korean Healthcare

Right before our summer vacation to the Philippines, Ryan had to go and break his finger. He was playing football with one of our friends, and misjudged a low catch, only to jam his ring finger and break the joint. Luckily he was smart enough to take off his tungsten wedding ring before his finger got too swollen. The next day, he begrudgingly agreed to go to the doctor. Sure enough, it was broken. Continue reading

Gyeongbokgung – Seoul’s Largest Palace

Gyeongbokgung is one of Seoul’s most popular tourist destination for good reason.  While living in Seoul we made numerous trips to this massive palace and each time we found something new and fascinating. Gyeongbokgung, whose name roughly translates to mean “The Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven,” served as the royal palace since the first buildings were constructed in 1395. Continue reading

The Adventure Continues!

Time is a funny thing. One minute you find yourself in college making a mockery of higher education with your sub-par study habits; the next, you’re living on a different continent working as an educator. Similarly, you can easily go from being a naive young “adult” believing fully that marriage and meaningful relationships aren’t in your cards- to a happily married life filled with adventure and happy cohabitation. Continue reading

In Bloom

Flowers and trees are in full bloom all around Korea. Having legs and camera means that a great portion of our time is spent out in the “wilderness” of Seoul looking at bushes and other plants that have changed color spectacularly but will soon fade to a common green. This country has very drastic seasons which ebb and flow spectacularly. It begins with the cherry blossoms and spreads across the whole spectrum of plant life until there is little reason to stay indoors. Continue reading

A Proclamation of Spring!

After a Seoul winter that saw very little by way of precipitation, the early bloom of the cherry blossom trees is a welcome substitute for the snowflakes some of us longed to see descending from the inky night skies. So, as the spring winds gust through the tree-lined streets, tiny white petals have taken flight to mimic the snows that never came. Donning spring clothing and cameras, all of Seoul seems to be out to capture this annual spectacle of natural brilliance. Continue reading

Three Terrific Treks {in Seoul}

Hiking is a huge part of our lives. While we don’t always find time, the desire to stand atop massive natural places always gnaws at us. After living in Seoul, South Korea for over a year, we have climbed a considerable amount of the Seoul mountains as well as a few in Gyeonggi-do. We want to share some of our favorite hikes within Seoul’s city limits and explain why these mountains stand out in our minds. Continue reading

Let’s go to… Yongma Land!

Yesterday, we participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post, “Abandoned.” We heard tales of an abandoned amusement park. Once called Yongma Land by throngs of excited children, now defunct and dilapidated. We just had to check this place out. If you enjoyed the photos, we hope that you also enjoy the video of us acting like adult children in this deserted place. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned

This week’s photo challenge from the WordPress Daily Post is “Abandoned.” Since we have already posted images from the neighborhood of Anyang, where they evicted home owners in order to build new high rise apartments, we decided to knock a visit to an abandoned amusement park off of our bucket list in honor of this week’s challenge. Continue reading

We’re Moving!

Our first year in South Korea is coming to an end. On Monday, we finished our contract with our school, but are helping out with classes until the end of this week. As ESL teachers in Korea, the school provided us with housing. Now that we are done with our contracts, we have to get out of our apartment by the end of the week. This is why we have been a bit AWOL this week on the blog. Continue reading