Weekly Photo Challenge… Inside

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is “Inside.” While we thought this to be slightly ambiguous, we selected a few photos that we thought were fitting. All of these photos play with the idea of things being contained within something else, as we deliberately wanted to avoid submissions from the indoors. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge – Joy

This week’s photo challenge is to capture one of life’s most important emotions: JOY. Throughout our lives, the joyous moments will be the ones that we remember the most. We immediately knew which photos we would chose to share, as they were so unforgettable. As we were sorting through these, we realized that our family spends most of their time with their mouths agape. While it is funny to see, it also testifies to their happiness. Continue reading

Travel Journey of the Week: San Francisco!

This week’s challenge from Liberated Traveler is San Francisco, the place where the hills meet the bay. It is also where we spent our honeymoon! Even with all our travels, we still hold the Bay City as one of the greatest cities in the world. A week in this lovely place still did not approach enough time to fully explore half of our list to do! Continue reading