Explore More – Angkor Wat Video

In a previous post (click here┬áto see that one) we described our visit to the Angkor Wat Complex while we were in Cambodia last Winter. We shared some pictures and described the awesome emotions that this storied temple can imbue upon its visitors, but we didn’t get around to sharing the video footage we shot. While the previous Angkor Wat post focused mainly on our perspective and wonder while in the temple complex, video has a way of allowing viewers to experience it a bit for themselves. Continue reading

Cambodia Sneak Peek

We are finally back in Korea after 18 days of traveling in Thailand and Cambodia! It’s strange to be back and teaching classes, though we are only playing a few review games with the students before graduation next week. Then it will be spring vacation for the rest of February and we will be off on more adventures, this time around Korea. Continue reading