This & That – Jangma

It’s that time of year again in South Korea: Jangma. The word “jangma” (or 장마) is the name of Korea’s annual rainy season. Monsoons and typhoons all bide their time, waiting for this time of year to roll around before their onslaught begins. Generally, jangma entails 3-5 weeks of sporadic downpours. At its worst it will dump on you for weeks.

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Tien Yuan Temple

Day 4 in Taiwan began with rain and ended with rain. With ponchos and more new umbrellas, we set out for Tamsui to see the Taiwanese coast and visit the Tien Yuan temple. Upon arriving in Tamsui, we grabbed some coffee and started up a Venice Beach-like boardwalk in search of lunch. There were countless vendors selling fruit, meat-on-stick, and sausages the size of my forearm.  Continue reading


11 days. It has rained for 11 days in a row now, and it is not going to stop for quite some time. Monsoon season has hit Asia and we are here in the middle of it. We both were born and raised in tornado alley, where heavy rainfall and intense storms are no big deal. However, neither of us were prepared for the downpours that have now flooded our city in Korea. Continue reading