Traditional Homestay

Last weekend we went to Andong (which you may have already known from our previous post about it here). Andong is well known for it’s culture and tradition. It is widely regarded to be the most “Korean” place in Korea. Since we were staying overnight, we decided, what better way to truly experience such a historic place, than to do a traditional homestay! Continue reading


Korean Noms- Samgyeopsal

A while back we made a video of some of the delicious fish noms we had while in Busan. We have often been asked what the food is like here in Korea, so we have decided it was time to start making some more food videos. We will be doing these posts a couple of times a month. We are excited to share even more of Korean culture with you as well as some of our favorite things to eat in Korea! We hope you all enjoy newest section of our blog, Korean Noms! Continue reading