Andong Weekend Trip {Day 2}

After a great experience staying at a traditional homestay, our hostess called a taxi for us and we said our goodbyes. The countryside was heavily laden with fog, so our ride to the Hahoe Village was quite dramatic. With limited visibility, the mystique of what was beyond our range of perception created a real anticipation for what was to come. Continue reading

Korean Noms – McDelivery

Food and service delivery is a big deal in many Asian countries, but it is hugely popular in Korea. You can have virtually anything delivered in this country, from Starbucks to your weekly groceries. We, however, have never really utilized the delivery options, instead relying upon home cooking and restaurant dining when we needed sustenance. There is also the small consideration of our terror when attempting to speak Korean over the phone. Continue reading

Let’s go to… Multi Space Cafe!

During our time in Korea we have enjoyed many of the strange “rooms” that are available. There are PC rooms, DVD rooms, and singing rooms ( Noraebangs) that give patrons the opportunity to utilize equipment, games, and spaces that they do not have at home. In this installment of Let’s go to… we explore a Multi Space Cafe that has many of these features rolled into one. Continue reading

Korean Noms- Samgyeopsal

A while back we made a video of some of the delicious fish noms we had while in Busan. We have often been asked what the food is like here in Korea, so we have decided it was time to start making some more food videos. We will be doing these posts a couple of times a month. We are excited to share even more of Korean culture with you as well as some of our favorite things to eat in Korea! We hope you all enjoy newest section of our blog, Korean Noms! Continue reading

Fall in Korea

This week brings another intensive round of training for us at school. Everyday we have to wake up at 6 am to commute on a 2 hour + bus ride into Seoul for three hours of training and then hurry back to our schools in order to teach our classes until late into the evening. It is pretty intensive to say the least, and we are sad to say that we may not find the time in between this chaos to sit down and blog. Continue reading