And We’re Back!

Our Maycation break is over and we are back to school. But we are only teaching a few days here and there this month since May brings so many holidays and school field trips. That means I will only be in class for a total of two and a half weeks with a lot more desk warming in my down time. Continue reading

Happy Halloween from Korea!

As you know, this past week was Halloween! This is technically not a celebrated holiday in Korea. In the states, as kids, we would dress up and go door-to-door trick or treating throughout our neighborhood. However, in Korea, your neighborhood is probably a huge apartment complex and going door-to-door in a high rise, is just not the same. Continue reading

Let’s go to… the Itaewon Global Village Festival!

Since Saturday is one of our days off and we tend to utilize these days for maximum adventure/pleasure/relaxation, we sought out a wonderful use of our Saturday last weekend. On our last trip to Itaewon we saw banners and posters for an International Festival coming up so we put the date into our calendars and kept the day tentative. Continue reading

Ryan’s 26th Birthday

When I woke up on the morning of March 16th I had no idea where Stephanie was planning on taking me. Furthermore, I would be unable to assist her with any sort of navigation for the day’s events but she assured me that everything was planned to the smallest detail. After a few Skype chats and hearing Happy Birthday be sung a few times in varying keys, we set off for Anyang Station to attempt navigating the subway system by ourselves. Continue reading