Yeosu in Instagram Photos

As I’m sure many of you have noticed by now, we love Yeosu and enjoy showing off its beauty through photos and video. We’ve really been happy to display the various aspects of our city in the City Guide we’ve been working on, but we wanted to take some time and show a bit more. These photos are from all over Yeosu and hopefully show how beautiful and diverse this Jeollanamdo city is! Continue reading

Instagram Challenge – Gakwonsa Temple

It is the last day of our Seollal Lunar New Year holiday, so we decided to leave the big city and take the express train an hour south to Cheonan. There we took in some of the two most famous sites, Gakwonsa temple and Independence Hall. For our challenge today, we chose to show off the beautiful temple. As usual, we will announce the winner in our full post later this week, but for now, vote for your favorite shot! Continue reading