Farewell, Fall – Gurye’s Temples

The winds in Yeosu warranted a weather alert, yesterday. These winds and the plummeting temperature mean that winter is now upon us. As we huddle for warmth in our apartments on the southern coast of South Korea, we look back on this country’s most stunning season: Fall. Continue reading

Hiking Dolsan

We have seriously missed having friends who are always down for a hike. In Seoul, there weren’t as many opportunities to go outside, enjoy nature, and take a hike. After moving to Yeosu, we were beyond excited to find a group of friends who love getting outdoors as much as we do! Continue reading

Gwanakasan Mountain

This weekend we summited the most incredible mountain we have ever hiked! We had seen pictures of Gwanaksan before, but they just don’t do it justice. So far all the mountains we have climbed here we simply see them off in the distance and just start walking towards it. I’m sure there are easier ways to get there, but we enjoy a pre-hike to our actual hike. Continue reading