Three Terrific Treks {in Seoul}

Hiking is a huge part of our lives. While we don’t always find time, the desire to stand atop massive natural places always gnaws at us. After living in Seoul, South Korea for over a year, we have climbed a considerable amount of the Seoul mountains as well as a few in Gyeonggi-do. We want to share some of our favorite hikes within Seoul’s city limits and explain why these mountains stand out in our minds. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is to find pictures that embody the unexpected. We at Hedgers Abroad have combed through our archives to select a  few photos that showed something from our experiences that epitomize something “Unexpected.” Continue reading

Gwanakasan Mountain

This weekend we summited the most incredible mountain we have ever hiked! We had seen pictures of Gwanaksan before, but they just don’t do it justice. So far all the mountains we have climbed here we simply see them off in the distance and just start walking towards it. I’m sure there are easier ways to get there, but we enjoy a pre-hike to our actual hike. Continue reading