The Adventure Continues!

Time is a funny thing. One minute you find yourself in college making a mockery of higher education with your sub-par study habits; the next, you’re living on a different continent working as an educator. Similarly, you can easily go from being a naive young “adult” believing fully that marriage and meaningful relationships aren’t in your cards- to a happily married life filled with adventure and happy cohabitation. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Some photographs stick with you for their beauty while others linger for their… how should we put this?…creepy qualities. This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is ‘eerie’. We had a shocking few pictures that we found to be┬áhaunting, ghastly, or bizarre in our portfolio since we tend to focus on the aesthetically pleasing. Below are a few photos we found on our hard drive to be a bit unsettling. Continue reading