The Fourth Festivities

There are few things that unite foreigners living abroad than national cuisine and holidays. Sure, we have friends from all over the world with their own unique holidays, but everyone comes together for the common purpose of community regardless of nationality. This past weekend we celebrated America’s Independence Day with a motley group of Americans, Canadians, Brits, and Scots. Continue reading

Beach Birthday

This weekend, we celebrated my birthday, beach-side, along with a few of our really good friends! Two of our friends happened to have birthdays around the same day as mine, so we all decided to celebrate together at a nearby beach. The Bangjukpo beach on Dolsan Island is really beautiful and decently secluded. Continue reading

Moon Festival Parade

We are back from Taiwan! As mentioned in our previous post, last week was the Chuseok holiday here in Korea and we had a five day vacation from work. We decided to make the best of it and booked two tickets to Taiwan. We were beyond excited to have our first real vacation since arriving in Korea in February, and couldn’t wait to explore a new country. Continue reading