The Adventure Continues!

Time is a funny thing. One minute you find yourself in college making a mockery of higher education with your sub-par study habits; the next, you’re living on a different continent working as an educator. Similarly, you can easily go from being a naive young “adult” believing fully that marriage and meaningful relationships aren’t in your cards- to a happily married life filled with adventure and happy cohabitation. Continue reading

Bukchon Hanok Houses

Let us begin by announcing our Instagram Challenge winner from our recent trip to Bukchon Hanok Village… drum roll please… Ryan! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for your favorite shot of this beautiful neighborhood. We are planning to have future challenges as well, so stay tuned! As promised, here’s our post and photos from our exploration of the area. Continue reading

Instagram Challenge!

Ryan and I headed up to the Gahoe-dong neighborhood today to check out the famous Bukchon hanok houses. As we were snapping away getting as many pictures as we could, we thought we might as well have a friendly Instagram photo challenge! We will have the photos we took with the DSLR up soon, but for now, vote for your favorite photo and we will reveal the winner in our full post about this gorgeous area. Continue reading