A Proclamation of Spring!

After a Seoul winter that saw very little by way of precipitation, the early bloom of the cherry blossom trees is a welcome substitute for the snowflakes some of us longed to see descending from the inky night skies. So, as the spring winds gust through the tree-lined streets, tiny white petals have taken flight to mimic the snows that never came. Donning spring clothing and cameras, all of Seoul seems to be out to capture this annual spectacle of natural brilliance. Continue reading


Snow day!

We have been trying to get out and take some snow pictures for weeks now. However, every time we get a really beautiful snow, it is always while we are at work! By the time we get home, it is either too dark to take any good pictures, or it is all melted. *SIGH* This past weekend, it actually snowed all day on Saturday! We were able to hike the mountain behind our apartment and take some pictures of the temple up there. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Some photographs stick with you for their beauty while others linger for their… how should we put this?…creepy qualities. This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is ‘eerie’. We had a shocking few pictures that we found to beĀ haunting, ghastly, or bizarre in our portfolio since we tend to focus on the aesthetically pleasing. Below are a few photos we found on our hard drive to be a bit unsettling. Continue reading

Let’s go to… the FC Seoul vs Suwon Soccer Game!

It’s that time of year back home. That magical time when people gather together, grill meat, drink beer, and paint their bodies crazy colors. College football season. We miss many things from back in the states, but whenever our Facebook newsfeeds are plastered with pictures of tailgating and friends going to the games, we get a twinge of jealousy and homesickness. Continue reading

Fond wishes for our family and friends…

This month happened to contain the birthdays of several of our family members and friends. It is sometimes very bittersweet to be here in Korea while the people we love and care about back home celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, births, and weddings. Even worse are the loved ones we’ve lost in this short amount of time and were unable to see one last time. Continue reading

The 4th of July in Korea

Why yes, in Korea we still celebrate the 4th of July by grilling meat and drinking beer. We just do it in the middle of a mountain stream.

Ryan, Kenny, Soo and I bought almost three and a half pounds of meat, kimchi, watermelon, and soju for the occasion. We loaded up into a taxi and headed to Gyeongin University in Anyang. The university is surrounded by mountains and there is a beautiful stream running down the mountain straight to the campus. Continue reading