In Bloom

Flowers and trees are in full bloom all around Korea. Having legs and camera means that a great portion of our time is spent out in the “wilderness” of Seoul looking at bushes and other plants that have changed color spectacularly but will soon fade to a common green. This country has very drastic seasons which ebb and flow spectacularly. It begins with the cherry blossoms and spreads across the whole spectrum of plant life until there is little reason to stay indoors. Continue reading


11 days. It has rained for 11 days in a row now, and it is not going to stop for quite some time. Monsoon season has hit Asia and we are here in the middle of it. We both were born and raised in tornado alley, where heavy rainfall and intense storms are no big deal. However, neither of us were prepared for the downpours that have now flooded our city in Korea. Continue reading