Let’s go to… Andong – part 2!

So this is it: our final post about the wonderful village of Andong. If you have made it this far, thanks for sticking around and we hope that you enjoyed seeing a bit of South Korean culture. In the second part of our Andong adventure, we have breakfast made for us, visit the traditional Hahoe Village (UNESCO World Heritage Site), eat more jjimdak, and wander the empty countryside. Continue reading

Only in Korea – Inappropriate Ice Cream

Of all the parts of Seoul that we frequent, we visit Insadong the most. Maybe it is the street performances by shaman priests, or the eclectic shops that line this arts district, but we always find ourselves returning to the area. Insadong has many blog-worthy aspects, but for this post we will focus on one of the funnier things you might see walking down the street. WARNING: This post contains items shaped like the letter “J.” Continue reading

Only in Korea – Trick Eye Museum

Oh weird and wonderful Korea, you never cease to put a smile on our faces. This weekend we learned that Korea has many museums that are quite unusual.

We have recently noticed that Korea has a bit of a fascination with poop. Our students are constantly drawing swirly pictures of it, we see it featured and socks in cartoon form, and Suwon has a museum devoted to the toilet, called Mr. Toilet’s House. Continue reading

Only in Korea – French Fry Covered Corn Dog!

Oh how we love Korean street food. We try our hardest not to be tempted to eat it everyday because it is so unhealthy. However, when we stumbled upon this food vendor while in Dongdaemun last weekend we couldn’t help but stop. In one instant, all of our childhood dreams came true when we saw the magic that is the french fry covered corn dog! Continue reading

Only in Korea – Face Rollers

Last week, we showed you a few photos from a pretty amazing book we stumbled upon. This week, we show you yet another incredible find. A few weeks ago, while shopping at the Korean version of the Dollar Store, Daiso, while Ryan’s mom was still visiting, we happened to notice something called a Face Massager. We were all very amused and bought a few as funny gifts to send back home. Continue reading