Weekly Photo Challenge… The Hue of You!

This week’s photo challenge is called The Hue of You. Well, for us at Hedger’s Abroad it’s more like The Hue of Two ! If you know us, or have read our about section, then you know that we met each other while in college at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. America’s Brightest Orange is the color that we haven chosen to best represent us, as we fell in love while wearing this wonderful hue and attending this beautiful campus. Continue reading

InterNations – We’ve been featured!

So a couple of weeks ago, we were contacted by InterNations, a website for expatriates across the globe, who wanted to feature us on their website. If you follow us on our Facebook, then I am sure you have already seen our post about being featured. However, as a gesture of appreciation, we decided to do a quick write up promoting InterNations ourselves. Continue reading

A Day in the Life – Creative Thinking Projects

Hey guys! Sorry about the late post, but we are actually starting the new fall semester and have been super busy with prepping for our new schedules and classes. We normally post A Day in the Life on Mondays, however we are going to have to push these back a day or so because Mondays are now our longest day of the week. Continue reading

Fond wishes for our family and friends…

This month happened to contain the birthdays of several of our family members and friends. It is sometimes very bittersweet to be here in Korea while the people we love and care about back home celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, births, and weddings. Even worse are the loved ones we’ve lost in this short amount of time and were unable to see one last time. Continue reading

Why you should travel while you’re young…

Before we moved abroad as a newly married couple, many of our friends and family expected us to do the “normal” thing married couples do; get a job, buy a house, have kids… settle down. We aren’t saying that doing those things is bad or even boring, we have many friends and family members who are wonderfully happy and starting families of their own. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Okla-home

We have been living and working here in Korea for six months and have been loving every minute of it. However, there are still times when we think about home and reminisce about all the amazing things we left behind in order to start this new life together. We were both born and raised in the great state of Oklahoma. Many people only know about our state because of the musical, but for us it is a very special place that will always be our Okla-home. Continue reading

Birthday Surprises

Because my birthday was on a Friday this year, I still had to work. It was one of my shorter days, so it wasn’t too bad. Once I had finished my last class, I was packing up my stuff to go home when all of my coworkers surprised me with  an amazing cake. They sang to me and had me blow out the candles then we all proceeded to eat it with chopsticks as our school doesn’t have any spoons or forks haha. Continue reading