Let’s go to… Yongma Land!

Yesterday, we participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post, “Abandoned.” We heard tales of an abandoned amusement park. Once called Yongma Land by throngs of excited children, now defunct and dilapidated. We just had to check this place out. If you enjoyed the photos, we hope that you also enjoy the video of us acting like adult children in this deserted place. Continue reading

We’re Moving!

Our first year in South Korea is coming to an end. On Monday, we finished our contract with our school, but are helping out with classes until the end of this week. As ESL teachers in Korea, the school provided us with housing. Now that we are done with our contracts, we have to get out of our apartment by the end of the week. This is why we have been a bit AWOL this week on the blog. Continue reading

7 Reasons to Love Living in Rural Korea

Okay guys, today we have featured Journey Count in a special guest post on our blog! Jade and Oli also live and teach in South Korea, but do so in a rural town. We have teamed up to talk about the inherent differences and benefits of rural verses city living. If  you would like to see our post about city life in Seoul click here to visit Journey Count! We hope you enjoy the guest post by Journey Count and take the time to check out their blog as well. Continue reading

Liebster Award

Last week, Elicia Shepard from Life’s a Journee nominated us for the Liebster Award. It’s an award given by other bloggers so that you can share the bloggin’ love!  Elicia is also a blogger in South Korea who you should definitely check out! Here are the 10 questions we were given by Elicia below. Hopefully this will help you all to get to know Ryan and I a little bit better. Continue reading

Travel Journey of the Week: San Francisco!

This week’s challenge from Liberated Traveler is San Francisco, the place where the hills meet the bay. It is also where we spent our honeymoon! Even with all our travels, we still hold the Bay City as one of the greatest cities in the world. A week in this lovely place still did not approach enough time to fully explore half of our list to do! Continue reading