A Simple Day on Gaedo

On any given afternoon we have ferries at our disposal. This fact, coupled with an intense desire to see everything wonderful in Yeosu, prompted us to hop on a boat heading across Gamak Bay to Gaedo. Gae Island is about an hour and ten minute ride from the passenger ferry in Yeosu. The name means “surrounded by islands.” Continue reading

Let’s go to… Gaedo Island

We recently got a GoPro camera and we are super excited! With a wider range of video capabilities, we can’t wait to start playing with our new toy so that you guys can have a better sense of the adventure we’re on. On Saturday, we took a ferry to a small island that promised natural beauty and great views of the surrounding islands. Continue reading

In Bloom

Flowers and trees are in full bloom all around Korea. HavingĀ legs and camera means that a great portion of our time is spent out in the “wilderness” of Seoul looking at bushes and other plants that have changed color spectacularly but will soon fade to a common green. This country has very drastic seasons which ebb and flow spectacularly. It begins with the cherry blossoms and spreads across the whole spectrum of plant life until there is little reason to stay indoors. Continue reading

A Proclamation of Spring!

After a Seoul winter that saw very little by way of precipitation, the early bloom of the cherry blossom trees is a welcome substitute for the snowflakes some of us longed to see descending from the inky night skies. So, as the spring winds gust through the tree-lined streets, tiny white petals have taken flight to mimic the snows that never came. Donning spring clothing and cameras, all of Seoul seems to be out to capture this annual spectacle of natural brilliance. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned

This week’s photo challenge from the WordPress Daily Post is “Abandoned.” Since we have already posted images from the neighborhood of Anyang, where they evicted home owners in order to build new high rise apartments, we decided to knock a visit to an abandoned amusement park off of our bucket list in honor of this week’s challenge. Continue reading

Bukchon Hanok Houses

Let us begin by announcing our Instagram Challenge winner from our recent trip to Bukchon Hanok Village… drum roll please… Ryan! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for your favorite shot of this beautiful neighborhood. We are planning to have future challenges as well, so stay tuned! As promised, here’s our post and photos from our exploration of the area. Continue reading

Fall in Korea

This week brings another intensive round of training for us at school. Everyday we have to wake up at 6 am to commute on a 2 hour + bus ride into Seoul for three hours of training and then hurry back to our schools in order to teach our classes until late into the evening. It is pretty intensive to say the least, and we are sad to say that we may not find the time in between this chaos to sit down and blog. Continue reading