We recently mentioned in our anniversary post that we were planning on taking a belated trip in celebration of our two year wedding anniversary. Well, Ryan has spilled the beans and told me that tomorrow morning we are taking the KTX train to Busan!

How To Get Out And Explore Rural Korea

For the majority of people visiting or traveling through South Korea, Seoul (or maybe Busan) is the extent of their experience. These ultra-modern cities offer a great deal to a person wanting to experience today’s Korea, but offers very little if you are wanting to experience something more authentic. Don’t get me wrong, Seoul and Busan are fantastic cities. They … Continue reading How To Get Out And Explore Rural Korea

Roadtrippin’ South Korea

Yesterday we started the new year at school. We had a long and much appreciated winter break, but now it is back to business. We’ve been doing our best to keep up with posting about our long vacation in Thailand and Cambodia, but since then we have taken another trip, this time around Korea.