Guys… We’re Back!

Gosh guys! We’ve been pretty quiet over here at Hedgers Abroad for the past couple of weeks. A lot has been going on and we’ve been so busy that we had to simply put our blogging on hold. The main reason for this was Ryan’s mom coming to visit us! She has been to Korea twice now. The first time she came, it was our first year, we were still living in Seoul, and we were just Korea babies. We didn’t have a lot of knowledge yet about the country so we were super excited to have a second chance to show her Korea. Plus we now live in a pretty rural area of the country, so her visit was sure to be interesting and more cultural to say the least!

She has now gone back to her Okla-home and we have been busy sorting through all the photos and videos we have from the trip. Bear with us as we get things back to normal with more regular postings. In the meantime, enjoy these few photos of our past couple of weeks spent with her.




  1. Our view from our Seoul Airbnb!
  2. Sweet family moment at Gyeongbokgung Palace
  3. Enjoying the Chuseok holiday people watching at the palace
  4. Showing Kelli some “real” Korea!
  5. Our little coastal city, Yeosu
  6. Another long weekend in Busan. This is our view from the Busan Airbnb!
  7. What?! Still enjoying some beach time in October!
  8. Yet another long weekend! Celebrating Hangeul Day in a traditional hanok in Jeonju
  9. The ever so famous Jeonju Bibimbap
  10. Another pit stop on the way back home to Boseong to see Pete!

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