Kuala Lumpur Sneak Peek

Summer vacation is upon us and we already have so much to share! We just spent three days in Kuala Lumpur before heading to Bali but we managed to do and see a fair bit in Malaysia’s capital city in that sort time. Since we aren’t traveling with a computer we are limited in what we can put together and share but we have come up with a sneak peak for you all. Check out a few pictures from our first few days of vacation and expect so see much more in the near future. Enjoy!

  1. View of the city from our hotel.
  2. MASSIVE Dr. Fish!
  3. Old verses new.
  4. Petronas Towers
  5. Busy and vibrant Chinatown.
  6. The entrance to the Batu Caves.
  7. Batu Caves.




2 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur Sneak Peek

    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      Thank you for the nomination! We have previously been nominated for this award a few times in the past and have answered the questions once before. We appreciate the honor, but our joy comes from receiving your comments and emails and getting to know people and building friendships. Good luck blogging and congrats on the award!

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