Interview with an Expat – Elicia & Tom

Few people we’ve met in our travels have the absolute joy for life that we’ve seen in Tom and Elicia Shepard. Instrumental in helping us find our way to jobs and lives in Yeosu, these two were some of our first friends outside of Seoul and continue to inspire us with their adventures. Check out their websites (Life’s A Journee and Klimbing Korean Mountains) and their ever-updated Instagram accounts @lifesajournee_liveit and @klimbingkoreanmountains. We really enjoy these two and following their lives online now that they’ve left Korea. Check out this interview and be sure to check out their websites as well!



I am Elicia and I am married to a crazy awesome man named Tom. Together we are the Shepard’s! We married in August of 2012 in the Dominican Republic and began our life of adventure together. We love all things lake life, outdoors, hiking adventures, and exploring new people/places. Tom is the logic to my spontaneous and I think we balance each other out pretty well.


Originally from the Midwest, USA but seeking much more than just the “American Dream” we started to explore options to an alternative lifestyle. What was important to us was spending quality time together making memories rather than spending money on material things. We felt suffocated by school debt, rent payment, and bills. I lived abroad as a kid (thanks Air Force!!) and then studied abroad in Fiji during college– which only fueled the fire and desire to see the world. Tom had begun traveling parts of Europe for his job & was intrigued by new cultures, places, and food! It was always in the back of our mind to move abroad, but it did seem like a big leap. Leaving jobs, security, and comfort of the USA for the unknown was a bit unnerving- but adventure was calling. I had seen photos on Facebook of a college friend who had taught in Korea and was loving the teaching lifestyle, time to travel, and close proximity to places in Asia. We applied, interviewed, and were accepted to teach in Korea on October 31st, 2012– just two short months after we married!!!



Korea was such a blessing to us in so many ways! The low stress of our jobs allowed us plenty of time together to do the things we love. We were able to do tons of hiking, camping, island hopping, and road trips around Korea to explore the country! Our rent free accommodations allowed for great savings which in turn led us to NO MORE DEBT!! We were even able to save money after paying our debt which is something we had never ever been able to do before- especially in such a short time. We were pushed far outside of our comfort zones in terms of being thrown into a new culture, but we were able to learn and grow as individuals (and as a couple) in ways that I never knew were possible. I feel Korea made us more patient, sensitive to other cultures, and even more flexible with things that life may throw at you! We were able to travel all over Asia to countries I never thought I would see in my lifetime- because thank you 6 weeks paid vacation!!!! All of this AND we met like-minded expats who wanted the same things out of life as us which really made our time in Korea so special.


We felt like it was time to go when staying another year meant another year away from our families and friends back in Wisconsin/Minnesota! We made it back once in the two years abroad, but it was only for a very short five days. We wanted a summer back in the Midwest to be on the lake to be fishing, boating, having campfires, canoeing, staying up late watching the stars, and taking road trips to spend time with our family. I personally missed teaching in my own classroom since I went to school to be a teacher I was itching to get back into a traditional classroom setting!



I think for us being back is going to be different for others since we are getting ready to embark again on another adventure in just a few short weeks. They say that reverse culture shock hits six to eight weeks after being back when life returns to “normal” and when jobs resume again. We are enjoying funtirement the past couple months so we have been pretty care free. Our summer has been jam packed visiting family and friends, road trips, exploring California and soon Colorado, and camping… so we haven’t (and we won’t) really settle back into normal life before we leave again! Being back has been wonderful- so much more than we even thought it would be! We really love a Midwest summer and have been enjoying it to the fullest. Some things have stood out to both of us that we so dearly missed–things like clean CRISP AIR, stunning blue skies, so much open space and vast amounts of GRASS!!!! We have also been indulging on crazy amounts of cheese and delicious Wisconsin craft beer that we so dearly missed.


One moment that stands out to both Tom and I is our trip to Sabah, Malaysia. We accomplished summiting the beautiful and extremely challenging hike up Mt. Kinabalu in a day! Neither Tom nor I were big hikers before moving to Korea and our experience doing so was quite limited. We had to summit before 2pm and most people tackle it in a two day segment. Getting to the top was an incredible feat for us and one I will never forget! It was really something special summiting it together and knowing that when we set our minds to something we really can do it.



In August we are headed to Casablanca, Morocco to teach! We will be teaching at the American Academy of Casablanca where I will teach 1st grade and Tom will be teaching middle school science and math. We are excited to take on a new adventure together on a new continent! Living in Northern Africa will open up doors for us to travel Europe and Africa somewhat accessibly and also for us to try our hand in teaching kiddos with an American curriculum. We are also very excited to be on the American school calendar that will allow for a hefty summer break to travel and see family again. We are ready to work hard and play hard!


We aren’t quite sure what the future will look like for us at the moment. We love the west coast USA and would really love to settle some roots down there in a few years. We see kiddos in our future, but really loving our time together and our freedom to do as we please. Right now we are just taking it year by year. Morocco will be a whole new adventure for us and once we are there we will better be able to grasp what the next couple years will look like for us. For now, we plan to keep this expat lifestyle rolling and continue the adventure abroad!




12 thoughts on “Interview with an Expat – Elicia & Tom

  1. Travel with Kevin and Ruth says:

    Nice interview Elicia and Tom! We know that whatever you do you will have fun doing it. It was a pleasure meeting you in Yeosu and hoping that we can do the same in Morocco! Best of luck to you both in your next adventure.


    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      Thanks for swinging by our blog and we’re glad you enjoyed the interview. Tom and Elicia are two very special people and I’m sure you, are glad to have spent what time you had with them just like we are!

  2. Jackie Park says:

    I super love the positive vibes coming from this interview! And wow, another adventure soon to come! Elicia and Tom, keep traveling and stay happy! Hope your time in Morocco is an enjoyable one! 🙂

  3. misadventuristmedia says:

    Inspiring interview. Casablanca is a real trip….most people don’t realize how huge and cosmopolitan it is – it takes some getting used to like New York or Bangkok would. But whatever they do, they should not leave out traveling around Morocco. It is one of the most naturally beautiful and incredible countries we’ve ever been to!

    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      Knowing these two, they’ll be sure to travel all over northern Africa- not just the rest of Morocco! Be sure to follow along on their blogs so that you can share in their awesome adventures.

  4. Laura says:

    These two seem like an adventurous duo – inspiring! While I was reading this I longed for Wisconsin cheese and some New Glarus beer. It’s always sad to say goodbye to friends here, but what a wonderful gift to have made such great friends and watch them embark on a new journey. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      They certainly were some of the best people we could have met at just the right time of transition in our lives. Such great people and an inspiring couple. Be sure to follow them on their blogs and social media, as I’m sure there’s more jaw-dropping adventure to come!

  5. Nathan says:

    Great read! I love to hear about how other people become attracted to moving abroad, it’s always interesting to hear the reasons.

    Morocco should be awesome, enjoying your time there Elicia and Tom! Did you need a teaching certification to get work there?

    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      At International schools you need to be CELTA certified or have a degree in teaching. You can take the course relatively cheaply, I believe and Tom took his in his last few months while teaching in Korea.

  6. Wendy Flor says:

    The two are such free spirits and sounds so compatible. What struck me most about the responses is their likeness to my son’s teachers here in Seoul. They work hard during school days and are out to wherever on every red calendar days. Even those with kids! And since they teach in international schools and have resumes to show it, they easily go around international schools in every continent and get to have free accommodation plus free/subsidized tuition to those with kids. International schools like to get couples so they’ll have no problem at all.

    They sound sincerely fond of Korea, too. Love their outlook!

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