The Fourth Festivities

There are few things that unite foreigners living abroad than national cuisine and holidays. Sure, we have friends from all over the world with their own unique holidays, but everyone comes together for the common purpose of community regardless of nationality. This past weekend we celebrated America’s Independence Day with a motley group of Americans, Canadians, Brits, and Scots. We all ate great food, shot off fireworks, played a rousing game of football (the American kind), and basically held a communion of sorts for all to celebrate our home countries.

An element of foreign-ness is a part of every day life living abroad. As comfortable as we become living in a different culture and observing other customs, we will never feel truly a part of our community. For this reason, a strong community of expatriates or migrant workers is important for maintaining a sense of belonging. This past 4th, we experienced a great sense of home with our friends as we stopped being defined by nationalities, but instead bonded as family.

As our day on the beach went on and we shared deep laughter and bonds with those around us, our hearts were enriched and made over full with appreciation for each and every one of our “waygookin” brethren. We may not be from the same countries, but a special things happen for important holidays where everyone comes together to celebrate and enjoy our small family’s culture and holidays. We had an incredible time and are very grateful to everyone who opted to be an American with us for one special day.




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