Birthdays and Friends

This past weekend was a great success. My 28th birthday was spent on the beach, camping, and in the company of good friends. I quite enjoyed myself, even though I have to share my special day with John, who swears that his birthday is more important… 

Our friends surprised me with a few gifts and sang to me at midnight. My family also had a few surprises up their sleeves and my parents, for the first time, successfully mailed me some handmade gifts. Now that most special holidays have been observed, we will get back to our regular posting.

After the weekend, Ryan and I both managed to get a bit of sun and all the nature made our allergies go crazy. With the recent MERS panic in Korea, we’ve been getting a fair amount of apprehensive glances from our students and co-teachers. Also, the air quality this past week has been at its worst in quite some time and it has been deemed “unhealthy” by the World Air Quality website. We’ve been wearing masks on our trips outside just as a precaution and to save our already itchy, dry throats from any more damage.







  1. Sitting around shootin’ the shit.
  2. Ryan thinks this is one of our best purchases.
  3. These guys. Seriously, they are pretty awesome.
  4. John taking a nap. I mean, he is a 33 year old man after all.
  5. Picture proof of the air quality. On a normal day, you could see the mountains and islands in the distance easily.
  6. Our matching couple’s face masks! Safety first.



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