Weekends in Jeollanamdo

Three day weekends mean packing up the car with tents, food, backpacks, and good friends for a beach tour around southern Korea. Buddha’s birthday is a national holiday in Korea and we were given the day off from work. We debated heading to Busan for the lantern festival or just keeping it low key and staying away from the crowds. The latter won out and we headed for Wando’s Sinji Myeongsasimni (just TRY to say that!) beach Friday after work.

We spent three nights hopping around different beaches and camping next to the water. I hung out in our hammock in the heat of the day, reading. We cooked Korean barbeque every single night on our tiny camp grill. The boys attempted swimming in the freezing waters and then decided it was a bad decision. We met up with some of our friends from other cities and we met people brand new to Korea. It was a pretty perfect weekend.






  1. IMG_7536Someone said Ryan looks like a bearded young Paul McCartney here.
  2. Buddha’s birthday spent enjoying the lanterns.
  3. Our awesome friends, John & Mara. You should know them by now.
  4. Happy afternoon spent in our little town.
  5. We learned how to make our favorite Korean dish, Jjimdalk at home!
  6. Fried Hotteok, one of our favorite Korean treats!





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