Feeling Grateful

The warmer weather is finally here and it has done wonders to lift our spirits. Even the seemingly endless days of desk warming at school aren’t near as difficult to endure when the office windows are open and the sounds (read: screams) of students playing on the school field are filling the room. Summer is just around the corner and that means weekends filled with camping, hiking, and days spent on the beach. Days like these remind me how grateful I am to be living in a place with so much to offer.

Today I am grateful that…






  1. Students show such amazing respect for their teachers on Teachers’ Day.
  2. May brings warm weather and amazing displays of lanterns for Buddha’s Birthday.
  3. We have such perfect afternoons for reading.
  4. Our plants are starting to give us enough to eat!
  5. Warmer weather means waking up like this.



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