Gotta Get Out

Desk warming is the most boring time of the year for all ESL public school teachers in Korea. Before and during testing, you have nothing to do other than sit at your desk for 8 hours. Usually I would lesson plan during these times, however, if I get too far ahead, then I will have nothing to do in my down time in the future. Instead I have been writing and editing for the blog to pass the time. I’ve also started reading the Game of Thrones since everyone has been talking about the show which I refuse to watch until I have read the books. It hasn’t been all bad. The two new student teachers who share the desk in front of me have been supplying me with an endless amount of candy and fruit.

Thankfully, the long 5 day break has saved me from my misery and we are off to Seoul to eat all the foreign food we can bear and catch up with old friends. We left at 5:20 in the morning on Friday and arrived in just 2.5 hours on the KTX bullet train. While we are gone, enjoy some of the pictures from our past week and we’ll catch up on our trip to Seoul with you later!









  1. Got to leave work early to hike
  2. Looking down on the bay
  3. Celebrating Earth Day
  4. Ferry ride to Hahwado Island
  5. Camping this weekend
  6. It’s rained for 17 days in April!
  7. Ryan’s school sports day (Go Class 5!)

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