Explore More: Koh Mook Video

While we have already described the beautiful resort and relaxing comforts to be found on Koh Mook in our previous post, we also spent time exploring the island and all it has to offer. From Charlie Beach Resort there are numerous opportunities for those wanting a change in scenery.

Although improbable, we will assume that it could be possible to grow tired of Koh Mook’s beautiful beaches, views, and clear waters or Charlie Beach’s terrific pool and ample shaded lounge chairs. If this scenario was true, fear not! Being an island in southern Thailand, Koh Mook also hosts spectacular rock faces and a slew of nooks and crannies for kayak exploration. From Charlie Beach we paddled our kayak north along the coast until we reached the Emerald Cave. Since we had forgot to pack our headlamp in the dry bag, we didn’t feel safe entering the cave for fear of darkness and getting lost. We’ve heard that it is beautiful, though, and encourage others to pack a light to explore it as our vicarious proxies. Instead of exploring the cave, we continued northward until we found an unexpected gem. This beach, we assume, is used for tours of the caves as a stop for lunch and relaxation. When we stumbled across it, however, the tours of the day had not yet arrived and we had it all to ourselves. The beauty of this beach can’t be done justice in pictures and video, but you can see how closed off and private it was. After some pictures and rest after our paddle in, we noticed the arc of the sun and headed back to Charlie before the day’s temperature increased and the beachside hammocks were all reserved.


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