Cambodia Sneak Peek

We are finally back in Korea after 18 days of traveling in Thailand and Cambodia! It’s strange to be back and teaching classes, though we are only playing a few review games with the students before graduation next week. Then it will be spring vacation for the rest of February and we will be off on more adventures, this time around Korea. We will also be editing photos and videos from our trip and will be sharing them with you as soon as possible.

cambodia sneak peek

For the time being, here is a sneak peek of our time in Cambodia. We spent a week exploring Phnom Penh as well as Siem Reap. We also took three days to explore the incredible Angkor Wat Complex in utter awe. I’m pretty sure Ryan just walked around the entire time with his mouth wide open in either disbelief or grinning from ear to ear. Seeing the temples was on the top of his list and watching his excitement was the highlight of mine.


Tuk tuk ride through Phnom Penh

The Royal Palace in the capital

The gardens of the National Museum

The Moonlight Pavilion also looks incredible in the sunlight

The victims of the genocide memorialized inside a stupa at the Choeung Ek Killing Fields

Exploring the Angkor Wat temples!

One of Ryan’s favorite photos from our first day wandering around the ruins


2 thoughts on “Cambodia Sneak Peek

    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      We had to use shampoo on this trip, unfortunately, however we were only washing our hair once a week still and only using very small amounts on the roots. In the 18 days we were traveling I only used shampoo 3 times and was just rising my hair with warm water in between washes. We are again back to using No Poo now we are in Korea again. Really glad since the shampoo was dying out my scalp.

      Glad the baby powder worked for you! I love taking it camping as well or just when I feel generally lazy about washing my hair haha.

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