6 Months of No Poo

We talked recently about trying to more actively simplify our lives. It has been the best decision we have made as it has given us so much more time for ourselves. I mentioned that we have made a switch from using regular shampoo and conditioner to using the “No Poo” method. I have had many questions about it since then so I decided to explain my experiences with it.

tonightI had read a lot of articles about the No Poo method and I was extremely skeptical. How on earth was I supposed to go days on end without washing my hair and still feel clean? My husband also was against trying it as he has a mild case of psoriasis on his scalp that is easily agitated by the littlest things. It wasn’t until talking with Elicia at length about her experiences did I start to think that I could perhaps give it a go.

She told me that when you first start using the No Poo method, your hair will get really bad… greasy, itchy, and flat. It sounded awful! BUT! Then she said that if you can just stick it out for a week, your hair will slowly, but surely, start to go back to normal. Your hair will naturally adjust to the oils and become even healthier than it’s ever been.

I decided to go for it. My timing could have been a little bit better. I started right before we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary in Seoul. My hair was greasier than it had ever been and I was trying to get dressed up to enjoy a night out with Ryan. I almost caved and went to the store for shampoo, but somehow I managed to stick it out. I threw my hair into a bun and that was that.

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On our anniversary in Seoul. I wore buns and ponytails for days!

The first three weeks is a lot of the same. Buns and pony tails are your friend. I also used baking soda to sprinkle onto my roots when the grease got too out of control. I have since switched to using baby powder as it makes my head a lot less itchy. After a week or so I even convinced Ryan to try it with me. So we both battled the flat and oily hairs for a while together.

Eventually, we noticed our hair start to change. Our hair stopped producing as much oil and things seemed to look fairly normal. Ryan’s psoriasis was still the same, but it wasn’t any worse from the switch. My hair actually started to grow faster and I have had to trim it a lot more. Now, 6 months later, we are still using the No Poo method and can’t imagine switching back. We are saving money on buying expensive products as well as helping our hair become healthier than ever.

Here is how we do it:

-We use squirt bottles for the mixtures. We dump one and a half spoonfuls of baking soda inside, and then fill it up with hot water. Make sure the baking soda dissolves. The mixture depends on your hair type and you can always add more baking soda at first if your hair is really greasy. Slowly start to lower the amount you use.

-When using this mixture, only apply it to your roots and gently massage them. Wait a couple of minutes and rinse. I had to really get used to not having a foaming shampoo to let me know what spots I’ve missed.

-For tangles, I use apple cider vinegar. One tablespoon inside a squirt bottle and then fill the rest up with hot water and mix. Only squirt this on the ends of your hair to avoid greasy build up on the roots.

-Rinse your hair with cold water. This helps it to be stronger and shinier.

-I worked my way up to being able to go 5-7 days without washing my hair. Yes, we still bathe. We just rinse our hair with hot water in between washes.

-For the in between days when there is extra grease, I use baby powder on my roots and brush it out. It works well on my hair because it is blonde. I have heard that brunettes and dark haired people can use cocoa powder instead.

Would you ever try the No Poo method? Do you have any other questions that I missed? Let me know!



8 thoughts on “6 Months of No Poo

    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Perhaps someday in the future people will laugh and talk about when people used to use shampoo haha! I think it is so much better for your hair and can’t imagine switching back.

  1. leahmb says:

    I’ve been thinking of trying this for a while, but I’ve read a few blog posts about people who have experienced hair loss. Did this happen to you at all? Or was it good all the way. Thanks!

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